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What Easter Means...

As I write this, today is the day before report card day and two days before Easter Break begins and some students are a bit anxious to see how their parents will respond to the fruit of their efforts for this term.

Easter holiday weekend is approaching and lots of folks are planning trips for the special sales abroad whilst other folks are planning what they are going to bake or cook. The popular food of the season is fried fish and hot cross buns with baked mac and cheese; it’s a staple in most homes in the archipelago of The Bahamas.

But the reason for the season is to commemorate the pinnacle of the life of Christ when He rode triumphantly into the city on what people have dubbed Palm Sunday and then went from celebrating Him to crucifying Him. It’s the story of Easter; no bunnies or eggs involved. Isn’t that scenario just typical human nature though? One day we love someone or something and then the next we couldn’t care less. And let’s not get started on how rabbits can produce eggs….

I remember listening to a conversation two little boys were having about good and bad. They talked about how their mother told them that if you are good you rise in the clouds and you will go to heaven one day. One boy asked the next, what happens if you are bad and you die? His brother retorted, “You’ll rise as the living dead!”

The sad thing about this is that they were quite serious.

Here at Long Bay School we believe in and subscribe to true Christian education. We believe in placing God at the head in all that we do, and we have some exceptional pupils as a result. They were asked to write what the death and resurrection of Jesus meant to them. Below are some of the children's responses:

“It means to me that I can do anything and it is not impossible.” — Lavar Ward

“When Jesus died on the cross and when He was resurrected, I feel like I am safe; I feel like God has a shield around me so anyplace I go to no one cannot do nothing to me.” — Chloe Reckley

“Jesus death and resurrection means to me that He is my everything and my redeemer and my hero.” — Kedwin Gestin

“When Jesus died, He told His disciples what to do when He died. And Jesus said when God call you, you must go.” — Charlotte Coakley

“Jesus death means to me that He will come back to save us and help us all when He comes back. His resurrection means to me that He helps us be wise and friendly and also helps us to go to heaven.” — Geoffrey Rutter

“Jesus death and resurrection to me means that He died for out sins.” — Alyssa Evans

“Jesus death means to me that He is a wonderful person.” — Ravin Stuart

“Jesus death means freedom from all that sin.” — Dejia Taylor

“Resurrection – It means to me that He forgived us and came from the dead and to be with us to be King.” — Taj Rolle

“Jesus death means to me that He died for us and our sins.” — Samori Clerveau

“Resurrection is the best day for Christians because Jesus saved us from sin. He is the Savior and the Hero.” — Edwin Sainvil

“Jesus’ death and resurrection means, in my opinion, that now we don’t have to duffer and I’m happy! Jesus is the best!” — Hailey Miller

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice by giving His life for us and now we are redeemed and have an open and direct path to God for ourselves. The only intercessor that we’ll ever need is Jesus and no one else; not the Pastor, nor Bishop, nor Priest. We need only prostrate ourselves before His awesome throne! Oh, how He loves us.

What joy!

Enjoy this Easter as you reflect on the awesomeness of God’s grace toward us and please enjoy the Grades 2 and 3 renderings of our students depicting their thoughts below.

Kaiden R. Williams
Myley Ferguson

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