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Annual Wacky Day at LBS!

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 Long Bay Students participated in its first fundraiser of the new school year, 'Wacky Day'.

What was expected to be an array of mismatched clothing, turned backward, perhaps a ghastly mess of thrown together make up and hair, surprisingly wowed students, teachers and especially the judges.

Creative minds got to work to display their version of wacky looks. From blinking flashlights, clothes pins, juice bags, colorful afros, and alien-inspired makeup, the students that entered the 'Wacky-look Contest' looked totally 'Whacked!"

Carrying away prized from the kindergarten division was Trinity Rutter. The Primary School winner was Brianna Pubien and Basia McKinney from the high school.

Thank you to the students who participated and from the sales of popcorn and dress up, Wacky Day was indeed a success!

Basia McKinney - Secondary School Winner

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