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Our Academics

Report Cards are issued at the end of each term.  At the end of the year, the student's grades are recorded for permanent reference.
Honour Roll

A student must receive an over all average of 80% (3.20) and above to be placed on the Honour Roll.

A student receiving no grade below an 80% (B) in any subject is named  to the Principal's List.

Text Books & Supplies

Students are responsible for purchasing all the books listed on the the Book List. Some books may be rented from the school.  Students are also responsible for coming to school each day with proper supplies, which include pencils, pens, erasers, exercise books etc.

Grade Promotion

In order for a student to be promoted from one grade to the next, he/she must have an overall cumulative average of at least 65% (2.6).  Students must also achieve at least a 65% cumulative average in English and Math.


Click here for our Elementary subject list.

Click here for our Secondary subject list.

Summer School

Summer classes are held in English and Math for those students who failed to make the 65% cumulative average in one or both of the aforementioned subjects, but who achieved their overall year's average of 65%.

Summer school is open to students from other schools who are desirous of entering the School in September.

Community Sevice

A total of 30 hours of community service is a requirement for graduation from grade 12.  (Students may divide this into at least 10 hours per year starting from grade 10)

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