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Help Mrs. Moultrie kick cancer to the curb!

This is Melrose, a beautiful and fun-loving lady with a smile that has brightened many hearts and lives. When children hear her name, they stand a little taller. She has been an inspiration to so many youth and not only the classroom, but in almost every aspect of their lives here on Abaco. In her 20 years as a teacher, she has aspired to pull the best out of each pupil and the testimonies to her success are young men and women who have made our society better. With all her accomplishments, she manages to remain sweet and humble, qualities so many of us find difficult to maintain.

This kind-hearted lady has opened up her home to so many people. She has dedicated many unpaid hours of her time to helping those less fortunate than herself. She is a Master Guide with the Pathfinder program and as such, she teaches children the discipline and skills they need to live a successful life. She is a most worthy recipient of our respect, admiration and undying support.

Melrose has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is my hope and prayer that our honest words have painted a worthy portrait of this fine lady. We will rely on your kind donations and prayers to strengthen our efforts in securing cancer treatment that focuses on the whole person, not just the cancer. Sincerest thanks!

Click on the link below to view the fundraising page for Mrs. Moultrie. Whatever donation you or your friends and family are able to make will be greatly appreciated.

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